Maintenance Services – Objectives
  • Respond to Service Requests in a prioritized and expeditious manner.
  • Provide functional facilities that:
  • Meet the Customers’ requirements;
  • Have an environmentally acceptable atmosphere for our clients, faculty and staff;
  • Ensure the health and safety of all personnel at ALL times.
  • Identify potential problems early and within the context of the planned maintenance system so that corrective action may be planned, included in the budget cycle and completed in a timely manner.
  • Establish a deferred maintenance list.
  • Follow an orderly program so that administrative costs are minimized and the workload for personnel is maintained at a relatively constant level.
  • Conserve energy and resources by ensuring maximum operating efficiency of energy-consuming equipment and systems.
  • Maintain credible relations with users by providing well-maintained facilities and information on planned maintenance activities.
  • Identify and implement possible improvements that will reduce costs, improve services and result in a more efficient operation.
  • Establish data collection systems to develop: uniform reporting formats, use of electronic data processing, supervisory and management control reports, and continual feedback of information between departments.
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